Urban Nature
Living in cities we get so used to the various shades of grey that sometimes we can't see the bright colors that really surround us... As a result, there is a pervasive myth that Urban areas are cold, lifeless concrete jungles with no semblance of life; just miles of tarmac, concrete, and metal. The reality, however, is that they're not the bleak environments that we often view them as; life surrounds us, and everywhere you look there are plants. 
Some are easy to spot in Urban environments; they are brightly colored like the Daffodil, tall growing like Common Yarrow, or otherwise make a statement against the green and grey backdrops of the city. Others, however, are not. Instead, it takes a keen eye to see them because of their small size (such as in the case of Winter Speedwell and Johnny-Jump-Up). Others, like English Plantain, are simply unassuming. One thing remains true regardless, though... And that is that- from the common garden flower to the flowering weed, whether naturalized, native, or even invasive- there are a plethora of plants around us for those who pay attention.
Urban Exploration
UrbEx, or Urban Exploration, is the exploration buildings and other man made structures regardless of their location (rural or urban), age (historical or modern), use (residential or Commercial), and so on. As a hobby, however, it tends to attract those who are interested in historical structures, and often goes hand in hand with activities like Photography and informal historical education. And while these sites are not always historical in nature, they are usually abandoned and in a state of decay. 
But whether it is decaying, freshly renovated, or somewhere in between... Architecture (especially Historical) is one of the greatest treasures of our country. It provides a tangible link to our past as we turn our eyes ever to the future.
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